Monday, April 9, 2007

Sea Shack


The jewel is shelter.

I grew up in single room apartments when little. When we moved to New Haven we graduated to a beautiful rented house that we lived in on the 'other sides of the tracks'. You know..back when you didn't realize that you were growing up in the ghetto. I than saw the science of how my parents were able to plan and move from that point to another part of town where they than became owners of a house.

When I got on the boat one of the things that I resolved was to get that credit right so that I could become a home owner. I owe a lot of my reflections on credit to Daanish Allah and Allah Jihad. Ironically it was while on the boat that I was revealing in the whole notion of non attachment. I have always traveled a lot while growing up. The church we were in caused us to spend weekends and several months during the summer in different states all of the time. I actually enjoyed it. While on the boat I started to see how, though I grew up rooted in one place, maybe I was meant to be a world traveler. I lived in a boat shack and was okay with that.

There is really nothing except the feeling of Freedom when you are moving on the ocean and feeling your boat shift, the wind, new ports of call. It is incredible. When I got back home I started to cut out a lot of my material attachments because frankly, I didn't really need them.

I haven't come to a decision as to exactly if I will get rooted in one spot yet I do know now that I will have to have the capacity to travel.


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